Waterproof Seat Skin


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Few if any motorcycle seats—Biltwell included—are 100% impervious to the damaging effects of wet weather, especially ones with intricate stitch patterns, multiple panels and/or expensive leather. Use our Seat Skins to protect your bike's upholstery when things turn foul.

Technical Details

  • UltraMax UV-treated nylon construction with waterproof PVC backing
  • Hand-stitched construction with taped weatherproofing at every seam
  • Simple drawstring with elastic gathers for speedy mounting
  • Two sizes available to fit every Biltwell solo and bolt-on seat as well as select other stock and aftermarket models

Form and Function

UltraMax nylon boasts 200 denier construction for the best blend of stretch, flexibility and abrasion-resistance. The Large model fits over all two-up Biltwell seats and similar-sized models from other makers. The Small Seat Skin fits our Sport-8 bolt-on seat and our complete range of DIY chopper solo seats. Black nylon material is yarn-dyed before weaving for colorfastness, and all seams are taped after sewing for final waterproofing.

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