Moonpods V2 LED Turn Signals


Color: White/Amber 1157 (Front)
Sale price€129.99


Upgrade both your front blinkers and rear brake/blinker pods with our top quality, super bright LED V2 MoonPods. These replace your halogen bulbs with bright, new technology LED lights! The front turn signals have a full white running light, and when the turn signal is activated they blink in a very bright amber unique sequence making you much more visible to drivers.

The MoonPods V2 are fully sealed units so no water and or moisture can get inside them!

The rears have a red running light with a bright red blinker/brake light.

Plug and Play
Sequential Blinker
Fully Sealed Unit
Much wider viewing angle
BCM Compliant
Latest LED Technology
Low Power Consumption
Safer and Brighter than Stock
Comes as a pair
Lifetime Warranty

All Harley-Davison Models up to 2022

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