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 We have teamed up with Feuling® Parts to bring you the ultimate in V-Twin Performance Exhaust. Over a year in the making and countless hours spent on design and in the Dyno room, we bring you the all new THRASHIN® Anti-Reversion™ Exhaust system!

See below some of our bike builds and dyno graphs.

     Our 107" Lowrider started with 77HP & 100TQ, we went from a stock 107” to a SE 114” Piston and Cylinders,  Thrashin Anti-Reversion Exhaust, Feuling Parts Oiling System w/ Reaper 465 Cam, Feuling Solid Push Rods, Beehive Valve Springs, Fresh Valve Job,  K&N Filters intake, TTS Tuner, tuned by Allon Mcbee put down 113HP & 131TQ.

Dyno Proven Below

107" Milwaukee Eight had a K&N Filter, Feuling 465 Cam, and a Thrashin Anti-Reversion Exhaust and put increased 25HP and 22TQ!

 The Thrashin® 2>1 Anti-Reversion™ Exhaust system has equalength stepped headpipes with Jim Feuling's patented design anti-reversion™ 'AR' chambers™ (Patent # US 4206600 A & 6336471 B1), transition merge collector (Patent # 4,796,426) and optional perforated 'dog ball' muffler core (Patent #5,173,576). These technologies promote continuous exhaust gas flow, reducing 'reversionary' pressure waves or 'unwanted' exhaust pollution of the intake charge and combustion chamber, providing increased engine performance and efficiency.

      This true performance stainless steel pipe starts with square cut headpipe spigots which promote a smooth transition from the exhaust port to headpipe with a true .625" inside diameter. Eliminating the choked up transition and mushroomed gaskets common with most exhaust systems.

     Jim Feuling's patented headpipe AR Chambers® are placed at the transition from 1 3/4" to 1 7/8". Our performance merge collector has a exit AR Chamber™ into the 2 1/2" muffler inlet. The optional 'Dog Ball' baffle absorbs high pitch frequencies, producing a unique deep tone while minimizing the effects to column inertia through the muffler. All Thrashin® baffles are wrapped in replaceable stainless steel wool and high temperature fiberglass, providing extended life packing while minimizing muffler discoloration. The exhaust exit is capped off with optional styles of reverse end cones and ID sizing to meet your engines demands and personal sound preference.

These combined features reduce gas flow resistance, back pressure and aid in the elimination of reversionary effect. DESIGNED AND MADE IN AMERICA.

Thrashin® recommends using square cut or crush ring exhaust gaskets and having your motorcycle properly tuned for best overall performance and pipe longevity.


The ‘Dog Ball’ resonator insert minimizes the 'drone' / ‘hollow’ sound common with straight through mufflers. These baffles produce excellent under load mid range torque and a signature higher RPM note. (Jim Feuling Patent #5,173,576)

Straight through perforated baffles are high flow and produce an aggressive to very aggressive sound.

2 1/4" stepped to 2 1/2" perforated Feuling 'Dog Ball' baffle Part # TSC-1960-0
Designed for 107 cubic inch performance engines, the 2 1/4" inlet delivers good low end torque and the step up to 2.5 allows the engine to breathe at higher RPM. This baffle has an aggressive crisp and snappy sound with the signature 'Dog Ball' higher RPM note.

2 1/4" straight through perforated core Part # TSC-1951-0
Best suited for mild performance and or larger cubic inch engines (107" to 114") looking for higher RPM power and or a louder more aggressive sound. This core out flows the 2 1/4 Dog Ball baffle. Smaller engines may sacrifice some low end throttle response.

2 1/2" stepped to 2 3/4“ perforated Feuling 'Dog Ball' baffle Part # TSC-1961-0
Designed for larger cubic inch (107" with Cams and Head work to 124") high performance engines, this baffle has a 2 1/2” inlet stepped to 2 3/4” with a reduced exit to 2 1/2”. This is a high flow baffle that produces superior low/mid range torque without sacrificing top end power. Aggressive crisp and snappy sound with the signature 'Dog Ball' higher RPM note.

2 1/2" straight through perforated core Part # TSC-1952-0 
Designed for high performance and larger cubic inch(117"-131") engines looking for a very aggressive sound.


2 options of our end caps to choose from. 

1.) Tapered style End Cap #TSC-1211

2.) Standard Cone style End Cap #TSC-1210

NOTE: Some of THRASHIN SUPPLIY's products: namely exhaust systems ARE NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLES. The following disclaimer is associated with these THRASHIN products.


The words FEULING®, FEULING® PARTS, AR CHAMBER™ and ANTI-REVERSION™ are brand and trade names of Feuling® Parts  and are licensed for use with Thrashin® Supply Co.

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